Fender Road Worn 50`s Maple Strat NeckNitro21 V Tall7.25Thick Soft VNew


Fender® Road Worn 50`s Maple Strat NeckNitro21 V Tall7.25″Thick Soft “VNew. Brand New Genuine Fender® Road Worn 50`s Maple Stratocaster Neck. This is a new “worn” neck from the factory & is not from a parted out Strat. Has intense nitro finish cracking on the front & back of the headstock. The neck in the…

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Stratocaster Guitar Neck/Rose Dots/43mm 1 11 16ths-fits Warmoth, Fender STRAT


These have small discolors in the wood. This will not affect the performance of the instrument. All of our Our Necks have been Dressed. This includes Fret Leveling, Crowning, and Polishing. NEW Maple Stratocaster Guitar Neck These necks are ready to install. Adjust the truss and they are good to go. Bone Nut (Installed) M….

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