Stratocaster 22 JUMBO Frets/Guitar Neck /Roasted, fits/Warmoth, Fender STRAT 2of3


Please note the photos. This will not affect the performance of the instrument. All of our Our Necks have been Dressed. This includes Fret Leveling, Crowning, and Polishing. NEW Roasted Maple Stratocaster Guitar Neck These necks are ready to install. Adjust the truss and they are good to go. Bone Nut (Installed) M. Even C…

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Genuine Fender ROASTED MAPLE Strat Neck, 21 Narrow Tall Frets, 9.5 C-Shape


See all eligible items. (United States Orders Only). Genuine Fender ROASTED MAPLE Strat Neck, 21 Narrow Tall Frets, 9.5 C-Shape. There’s no denying the allure of a roasted maple neck. Resistant to humidity shifts and featuring a gorgeous, dark look, they have more sustain and add a unique note to the instrument’s voice. This genuine…

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2022 Fender Squier Contemporary Stratocaster Special HT Strat NECK Roasted


Description: Official Fender Squier Contemporary Stratocaster Special HT Neck- Roasted Maple w/ Indian Laurel Fingerboard- “C” Shape, 22 Jumbo Frets- 12″ Radius (305 mm)- 25.5″ Scale Length (648 mm)- 1.650 Width at Nut (42 mm)- Painted Black Headstock w/ Chrome Logo- Genuine Fender. Comments: You are looking at a Mint Fender Squier Contemporary Stratocaster Special…

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JUMBO FRET Allparts Fender Licensed Strat Neck Rosewood, Vintage Style


Fender Licensed Replacement Neck For Tele – #SRO-C-XJ. Maple and Rosewood Neck, Sanded, Unfinished and Ready to Spray! 21 EXTRA JUMBO Frets 118 x. 1-5/8″ Nut Width, 2-3/16″ Heel Width. 340 Tuner Hole Diameter. Truss Rod Adjustment at Heel. 84 Thick at 1st Fret. 94 Thick at 12th Fret. All necks may require fret leveling…

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Genuine Fender Squier STRAT NECK MAPLE FINGERBOARD Electric Stratocaster Guitar


These items are from brand new guitars that we break down for parts. We are an authorized Fender dealer. The photos are the actual part you will receive. Mobile device users: swipe right (or right arrow) for more item details. See “Item Details” under “About this Item” for more info. It has never been played.

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Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass NECK J Bass Slim C Maple


Description: Official Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Neck- Tinted Maple, “Super Natural” Satin Finish Back, and Gloss Headstock- Slim “C” Shape- Posiflex Graphite Reinforced Support Rods- 9.5″ Radius (241 mm)- 20 Narrow/Tall Frets- 34″ Scale Length (864 mm)- 1.5 Width at Nut (47.6 mm)- Genuine Fender. Comments: You are looking at a wonderful Mint…

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Fender American Performer Telecaster Neck, Rosewood, Modern C, Excellent Cond


Made-in-USA Fender American Performer Telecaster Neck. Neck is straight and in excellent condition. I note one small black mark near the headstock and one small dent, as shown in the photos. Fret condition as shown– some wear noticeable on the lower frets. B string nut slot has some residual pencil lead from my trying a…

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NEW Allparts Fender Licensed Maple Fender Strat Neck, Ebony Fingerboard #SEO


NEW – Fender Licensed Replacement Neck For Strat, #SEO. Solid Maple, Sanded, Unfinished, and Ready to Spray! Ebony Fingerboard, 22 Jumbo Modern Frets. 12″ Radius, 1-5/8″ Nut Width, 2-3/16 Heel Width. 340 Tuning Peg Hole Diameter. 855 Thick at 1st Fret. Truss Rod Adjustment at Heel. Wood grain varies from neck to neck. Your neck…

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