Poplar HxS guitar body fits Fender Strat Stratocaster neck Floyd Rose J391


This body does not have a finish on it. It has been sanded to 220 grit. This body will fit either an Original Floyd Rose (OFR) or a Gotoh Floyd Rose (GE1996T). The bushing holes are predrilled for OFR style stud bushings (10mm diameter). A Gotoh type Floyd Rose comes with 11mm bushings. We can…

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Poplar Hardtail HSH guitar body fits Fender Strat Stratocaster necks J352


This guitar has a unique, multicolor paint job. Due to the nature of the painting process, and the basic sealer coat, there is texture to the finish. Additional work will be needed if you require a perfect, show-room finish. Clear coating services are available if you require a perfect finish and do not have the…

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