Genuine Fender Road Worn 50s Stratocaster Neck, Maple, Soft V Shape


Nitrocellulose lacquer is a vintage-accurate finish that wears gradually over time, creating a pleasantly worn-in appearance with use. ÅÊFender’s Road Worn Nitro finish is hand-distressed to faithfully recreate the look and feel of a well-loved vintage instrument. This genuine Fender Stratocaster neck is crafted atåÊFender’s Ensenada, Mexico manufacturing facility. Û neck profile and 7.25 radius…

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Fender Roasted Stratocaster Neck Flat Oval Shape, Pau Ferro Fingerboard


There’s no denying the allure of a roasted maple neck. Resistant to humidity shifts and featuring a gorgeous, dark look, they have more sustain and add a unique note to the instrument’s voice. This genuine Fender Stratocaster neck is crafted at the Ensenada, Mexico manufacturing facility. Featuring a comfortable “Flat Oval”-shaped profile and 12-radius pau…

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