Basswood HxH Hardtail guitar body fits Fender Strat Stratocaster necks J276


This body does not have a finish on it. It has been sanded to 220 grit. Gotoh Strat Style Hardtail Bridge – String through body configuration. Hum, x, Hum – This particular body is designed to have the pickups mounted from the back side of the body. No pickguard or mounting rings are needed! 7/8…

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099-0502-920 Genuine Fender Roasted Maple Stratocaster Neck 9.5 Maple, C Shape


These are photos of the actual neck you will receive. Genuine Fender Roasted Maple Stratocaster Neck, 9.5 Maple, C Shape. Guitar Parts Factory is an authorized Fender dealer. Theres no denying the allure of a roasted maple neck. Resistant to humidity shifts and featuring a gorgeous, dark look, they have more sustain and add a…

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